Determined Health's
Connection1st CallHub

Facilitates safe, telephonic connections between volunteers and isolated older adults

Enables a network of organizations to mobilize a solution for older adults struggling amidst the global pandemic

Activates volunteers looking to contribute from the shelter of their own home

Our customizable utility allows organizations to focus on managing their volunteer resources without having to focus on technical components or data management

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The Connection1st CallHub was created to help address a growing social isolation and loneliness crisis. Building upon our experience helping programs across the country combat social isolation and loneliness , we’ve developed an end-to-end solution that enables countless individuals and organizations to mobilize to create meaningful social connections—the bedrock of good health and well-being.  

How It Works


Easily upload contacts to your CallHub Dashboard to begin to organize volunteers and outreach efforts


Seamlessly manage matches between pools of volunteers and individuals in need


Monitor on-going activity to ensure everyone is engaged and getting the attention they deserve

A Critical Public Health Issue

Both social isolation and loneliness are associated with poor physical health, mental health, cognitive decline and increased risk of dementia, loss of independence, and, even, early death. According to one study, the adverse effects of social isolation on life expectancy are comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Considering everything from the physiologic impacts—effects on immune function and levels of inflammation, sleep quality, stress levels—to simply how someone is feeling about their own health and state of mind, we know that loneliness and isolation are taking a toll. While this is a public health crisis affecting people of all ages and backgrounds, we also know that certain groups are at higher risk and that the impacts on the health and well-being of older adults are particularly widespread and devastating.

“I live alone, so if I don’t get a call, then I don’t talk to anyone all day.”

“It’s so nice to have someone to talk to on the phone. A verbal hug is what these calls are to me... it’s so important these days.”

Covid-19 + Increased Isolation

Social isolation  is perhaps the most significant secondary adverse consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is an immediate demand for effective engagement strategies and urgent need for a safe and scalable infrastructure to reduce loneliness, as seen in this global pandemic. The convergence of these two epidemics (Covid- 19 and Social Isolation) are magnifying the scope, intensity and scale of the problems on a global scale.

Why Us?

Determined Health developed the CallHub within MPTF, a non-profit that has taken a proactive leadership position in working to reduce social isolation.

Experience: Over 3 years, and counting, learning from our acclaimed Daily Call Sheet program

Convener and Thought Leader: Host of several summits on global best practices in identifying and reducing social isolation and loneliness

Catalyst for Change: Lead an action-oriented coalition focused on addressing loneliness and isolation as a critical public health issue in our communities

Key Insights: We understand the power of affinity groups and trusted networks. That’s why we’ve developed, the training, tools, resources, and infrastructure to enable countless organizations to facilitate meaningful connections between volunteers and those who are isolated and in need.  

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